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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Peace out, RK!

RK is shutting the doors in a couple of weeks. Ever since its inception, it has been the premier place for information and opinion for the center-left. With 2009 quickly approaching, progressives need to figure out quickly how to get information to a broad audience. The Richmond Democrat has a proposal.

Just because Democrats have won the past few years doesn't mean we can pack up shop and call it a day. The Chairperson race in Fairfax County cannot be taken for granted. This will be a low turnout election and motivating our base to defeat Pat Herrity is essential to maintaing momentum throughout the state. If the Republicans win one on what is essentially blue turf, they will start to believe that they have a good shot at winning the Governor's race. Replacing RK and their message machine will be a tall task but it is essential to winning back the House of Delegates and maintaining our hold on the Governor's mansion.

The conservatives are already celebrating RK's departure here and here (btw, tagging it with "beastiality" and "animal sex" is a little weird Carl...can someone say projection?). Maybe they've been tired of getting their butts handed to them for the last 4 years by losing both Senate seats, the state senate, the governorship, three Congressional seats and nearly the state house. I guess those Republicans need to find solace in something because it isn't winning elections. But as they gloat, they're also starting to feel stronger. We have to push them back down and make sure that they don't get up.

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