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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hiatus from blogging

I'm taking time off until the end of the month from blogging. I've been hot and cold in terms of posts for the last year. Right now, I'm finishing my Master's in Special Education. I'm taking 13 credit hours right now while still teaching. After school ends on the 20th, I'll have a little more time but I'm still taking a lot of classes. So until at least the 28th or so, I will not post. I'll see about my status after that (I have some plans with the Young Dems).

Here is a cool blog you five that read me should check out. Great wit and humor. You should also check out the Fairfax Young Dems blog. They are writing some good posts over there. Sign up if you are a Young Democrat and come out to a few meetings!

See you all in about 2-3 weeks!


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