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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Not Howling Latina's Act Blue Page

The old expression of life handing you lemons and making lemonade is what this is all about.

Goal Thermometer

From the Not Howling Latina Act Blue page:

"Howling Latina is a blog that is trying to bring Barack Obama down with negative posts that would make Republicans proud. I propose that for every post she writes about Barack Obama in a negative fashion I will contribute 1 dollar at the end of every month. For every positive post about Barack Obama, I will contribute 2 dollars to Hillary’s campaign to pay down her debt.
Anyone and everyone who supports Barack Obama should consider supporting this fundraising effort. He will need every dollar he can get to battle the negative posts from disgruntled “progressives”. I’m starting with the beginning of August but you are free to start where you want."

Anyways, I'm showing my support for Barack through Howling Latina's contempt. If people support it...fine...if not, I understand.

Use this handy Howling Latina link to keep track of her fundraising posts. Thank you Howling Latina for giving me a chance to do some good.

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