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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

McCain: Nations don't invade other nations...

This would be funny if it weren't for the fact that McCain is running for the President of the United States! This is the type of mind numbing response that will actually come from a McCain administration on a myriad of issues. Reality is not required.

What about 2001 with United States v. Afghanistan? What about 2003 with United States v. Iraq? Was it too long ago for McCain to remember? Oh, I get it, those don't count because the United States invaded those countries because of "security concerns". Things are so much simpler when you remove any semblance of logic.

Now with Afghanistan, the world was behind us because of 9/11. Hell, I was down with it. Iraq...not so much. The world was not as enthused of our unilateral invasion of Iraq. We did have a Coalition of the Willing in which Georgia was a proud member. Now they have to withdraw their forces to defend their homeland as I'm sure anyone could understand. How do we back up a nation that was willing to do the same for us?

Did Russia invade Georgia because of security concerns? Do the Russians realize that "security concerns" is only an excuse for the United States? What can the U.S. do now besides issue a strongly worded statement?

Putin has shown that he is willing to use his military to put Georgia in a vice. We have shown that we will back up Georgia as they were willing to back us up in Iraq with a statement that was the equivalent of "Bad Russia!". Heckuva job...Bush and for that matter McCain! You two are the reason why change and Barack Obama are necessary for this country.

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