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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Update- Parrots for Dummies

I check out Republican blogs regularly because I feel it's always want to keep tabs on what the other side is thinking. I generally find Shaun Kenney a good source of information from a mainstream Republican. I also like Vince over at Too Conservative because he'll have breaking news about the NOVA Republican scene.

Recently, I've detected a little laziness on the right side of the blogging community. For example, Not O'Reilly takes a comment from Not Larry Sabato and turns it into a story. Fine, no problem.

But then Shaun Kenney jumps on the bandwagon of bashing James Webb and declares that Webb is "jew-baiting" which he backs himself up with a post from Chad Dotson and his own brother, Jason. Shaun, was this the best you could do?

Shaun then goes into a huge diatribe about "jew-baiting" and says:

"Fast forward to today. In the midst of a negative attack campaign by James Webb, what purpose does it have to mention outsourcing, being a lobbyist for both Repubicans and Democrats, having no support from liberals and oh yes... he's a Jew that doesn't go to church?"

Shaun's referring to this quote: "There might be nothing more uncomfortable than a candidate whose analogies don't come from personal experience. Harris Miller is Jewish and doesn't go to church!"

The only problem is that quote is not attributed to Webb or his campaign but from Not Larry Sabato. Logical leaps anyone?

Then, Kilo saunters up and adds his masterpiece that basically says the same thing as Shaun's post. A whole paragraph? Please don't strain yourself, Kilo.

So what do we conclude from this? Is the right just bored to tears with no primaries this year that they get excited about the Democratic primary? Could it be that they want Miller to win because they feel he is the "stronger" opponent and Allen will crush him? Or is it just utter laziness? I think it's the latter.

Update: Ben at Not Larry Sabato has this post. Shaun and Jim, do you like your crow baked or fried?

Update 2: Raising Kaine does an excellent piece on the "jewbaiting" issue. Now the one "anonymous" poster in the comment section will be happy.

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