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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

This just in...I've been banned by Kilo...

I haven't posted in two weeks because of school and work but I just had to pop in to say my world has crashed around me...a blog has just banned world is over.

I apparently pissed ole Carl Kilo enough by not "respecting" his blog. Fine so be it. He banned me. This all started over this whole Sorensen thing...I gave my opinion. A couple of bloggers responded. I responded in kind. It seems Carl doesn't like opinions to be given...unless they're his.

I was going to drop this whole blogging summit ordeal because when I thought about it I understood where Kilo was coming from...I was actually going to apologize...but Kilo took umbrage to what I said (I did call him a "Johnny Come Lately"). I can understand where he was coming from on that. But his tone in a follow-up post was a little too testosterone laden for me. Here is my last post to Kilo on his blog (the tears are starting to well up). I've got to go.


Any letters or phone calls would go to my wife, who works at Sorensen. She's on vacation with me, now.

Many months of preparation have gone into this. Thousands of dollars have been paid for deposits. Dates have been considered, accepted, failed, rejected. Speakers have been arranged, plane tickets reserved, hotel room blocks booked, etc. Though it's nice that an idea has popped up in the past few days that bloggers should get together in Martinsville, it's not possible to abandon months of work, a half dozen speakers, and a considerable sum of money in order to, at the last moment, select a new location.

I think it'd be swell for a bunch of bloggers to get together in Martinsville, but there's nothing to be done for this particular gathering. It'd be very much like canceling a wedding the month before and trying to re-arrange it for a short time later. Expensive, awkward, and it would make a lot of people angry.
Waldo Jaquith | Homepage | 05.08.06 - 3:39 pm | #


Have fun at Sorenson and follow their agenda. Sounds boring to me. I will attend a summit for bloggers that is set up by bloggers. Put that and your $50 in the box.
Kilo | 05.09.06 - 12:01 am | #


I will pay your way at Sorenson just to see if Big Balls Kevin would say that to your face. I bet he would wet himself lol
Anon | 05.09.06 - 12:11 am | #


I did not read where Kilo said there had to be one or the other there JOAD. Please show what line that is on. I do see that NLS and Alton had a suggestion that makes sense to me. I see that Kilo has backed them up in asking for peoples thoughts on the subject.
You say he is a Johnny come lately yet I remember this blog talking about Sorenson over one year ago. You are the come lately.
Jenkins | 05.09.06 - 10:44 am | #


Kilo-You have been called out of the mines to meet a anonymous blogger called Joad. LOL
Jenkins- You are right. NLS, Will, Alton, are not saying there has to be one or the other. They asked if the Summit could be moved and if not they will set up a summit in Martinsville. That is what makes this Joad guys comments off base...and smark alecky if you ask me.
Danny | 05.09.06 - 10:58 am | #


Your space consuming bullshit comment lacks one fact. Where does Kilo say it hs to be on the same date? Your assuming a lot Joad.
"The Sorenson bloggers summit should be moved to Martinsville. If that is not possible then set up our own summit."
Then Ben asks in his post who would attend and if the same dates would work..Did he not? Kilo has said before he would not attend Sorenson, as many others have echoed. Where are your chicken shit attacks on NLS and the other sites calling for the same thing? If Kilo and others dont want to attend Sorenson that is their right. If they want to compete or protest that is their right also.
Jimmy | 05.09.06 - 12:56 pm | #

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0...conference.html
Anon | 05.09.06 - 1:05 pm | #


Who cares what Joad says anyway. All you have to do is look at his blog to know that.LOL
If Martinsville is set up I will attend. By the way Joad. This 2nd summit is nothing new. It has been talked about in phone calls and emails for a good while. To bad you were not included. The facts are Will called for a Summit in Mville,,the next day Waldo "leaks" the Sorenson dates. Get youir facts right before you get on here making an ass of yourself
gopgal | 05.09.06 - 1:18 pm | #


That does not say the same date. That is why Ben posted asking what others thought. If they want the same date they are free to do so. If not, then so be it. The Martinsville summit has support. The dates are open as EVERY POST BY KILO, Alton, NLS, EE, have stated. If you want to go to Sorenson go on. Who cares. But Kilo, Ben and Alton have every right to hold a summit when ever they choose.
Jimmy | 05.09.06 - 1:26 pm | #


Well, Well, Come in after work to this whining? Okay.
Ms. Joad you dont have all the facts so dont come on here and tell me what I am thinking or wanting. It seems you are the only one with your panties in a knot. You dont like what we are doing, to damn bad. Got that? Clear? Crystal?
I am all for having a summit during Sorenson, After Sorenson, as long as Martinsville is the spot. We asked if the summit could be moved. Waldo replied. Then we asked if we should hold it the same date or at a different time. That is called asking for feedback. Your endless comments could , and should have stated: I am not for having the summit at the same time. Simple, friendly, and to the point. Nuff said? Indeed.
Now- I will tell you what most already know. That picture and name on my profile is me. I have no respect for anonymous smart asses on my blog. This blog is Spark it Up. Owned by Carl Kilo. I have blogged a long time and every reader knows I could care less if you visit or not. You do not have to like me or this blog, but you will respect it. I have a little button that will make you disappear and keep you from coming back. Good day.
Kilo | Homepage | 05.09.06 - 7:03 pm | #


Been waiting on reading that all day.
gopgal | 05.09.06 - 7:53 pm | #


Poof....Its gone.
Kilo | 05.09.06 - 8:03 pm | #

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------'s back..."It's" has an apostrophe in it because it is short for "it is."

Sorry...I just need to say that..respect that Kilo and groupie!
The Ghost of Tom Joad | Homepage | 05.09.06 - 8:09 pm | #

"We are all partisan and two days at Sorenson will not change that. "

I don't think Waldo is looking for people to sing "Koombaya" (sp?) after the conference and never have political disagreements again. I think it might be the fact that they want to put partisanship aside for the day or weekend and have a discussion. I think that's a noble cause.

"Those who want to attend Sorenson will. Those who want to attend Mville will. Those who want to attend both are free to do so. I find it ironic that freedom of choice has stirred such controversy."

Unless the two conferences are on the same date? Because if they are, people cannot attend both.
Bob Henderson | Homepage | 05.11.06 - 8:30 am | #

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