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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hurst-Longmyer Debate Part 1

This debate coverage will be broken up into a couple of parts to make it easy to read. I'm not going to reconstruct the debate by writing a narrative. Instead, I will give you my raw notes with no edits.

Ken Longmyer-Andy Hurst Debate 4/18/06


General Ambiance

Pretty packed room…about 80-90 people as of 7:35…Small Miller presence with material and one person…no Webb presence at all.

Opening Statement

Ken Longmyer- “Who is the best candidate to represent this district?” Talks about 2004 and how he was there for Democrats…ran over by about 15 seconds.

Andy Hurst- Hurst doesn’t use podium for the opening statement. “Wants to change how Washington does business.” Very lawyer-like…seems like he is persuading a jury.

Why are they running?

KL- “Promoting democracy abroad”…2004 Democrats did not have a candidate…enjoys being a candidate

AH- John Edwards changed Hurst’s perspective and inspired him to run for office. “hasn’t slept well in a year and he doesn’t care because he cares about this community”…light applause.

Better Democrat in this race?

AH- Being a place holder candidate is not inspiring. It’s fine to be that type of candidate but it doesn’t move voters. “Can’t say I’ll be a little better than Davis.” (referring to Ken) “More resources…more energy.” Better organized…raised more money in primary than Ken did in 2004. Rebuttal- We have to raise money to get the message out. Knocked on over 5,000 doors. People said they haven’t met Ken.

KL- “Can we do some push-ups to measure energy?” Laughs follow…Ken says he brings background and that he is close to the Dem base. Resources matter but he is focused on people. Andy is concentrating on money…Ken is concentrating on people. Rebuttal- Where is the money coming from for Hurst? Ken says his money came from ordinary donors. Hurst’s came from wealthy people outside of the district. Money is a means to the end and not an end itself. Light applause…

Special needs and concerns for people of the 11th district

KL- Transportation is the number one issue…health care is second…foreign policy…definitely against NCLB and unfunded mandates…wants a national health care system. Rebuttal- Immigration…law needs to be changed. How? Might have run out of time. Running over time by a large amount…

AH- Highest median income…11th works and earns money…very diverse between rural, city and suburban. Davis taking away federal government rules like overtime…
Rebuttal- talks about whistleblowers…and protecting federal employees…very adept on labor issues

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