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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

New feature- Music links

I just put some music links on my sidebar.

Carbon Leaf is on there because they are a Richmond band that is up and coming. If you like what you hear when you click the link, I suggest buying the album "Indian Summer". If you are in more of a Celtic mood, I would try "Echo Echo". Their version of "Mary Mac" is a crowd favorite at most of their concerts. They have other great albums too and I believe my girlfriend and I own every one of them now.

Lower Case Blues is a young band from Deleware that I've seen play at least 6-7 times in Rehobeth Beach. Their blues riffs are outstanding for their age...very mature. Jake, the lead guitarist, is a young Stevie Ray Vaughn. Check out their sample won't be disappointed. They will be making a DC appearance in May at Madam's Organ.

Erin McKeown is someone that I discovered in fall of 2003. I was looking for something to do in Fredericksburg when I stumbled into "Blue Dog" (now defunct). Her album "Grand" was playing at the listening post. I only had to listen to the first three songs because they were are all different and totally catchy. Most of her music has a certain pop, country, rock mix with a sarcastic twist. I played that album out for about 3 months straight. I picked up another album by her called "Distillation". If you like a folk/rock mix, this album is definitely for you.

Listen and tell me what you think.

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