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Thursday, April 20, 2006

BREAKING NEWS- Allen still up in poll... other news the sun will set in the west tonight.

Ok maybe it's not that Earth shattering that the incumbent George Allen is leading in a poll against both Democratic candidates Harris Miller and James Webb but it isn't exactly good news either for Democrats either.

The latest polling shows Allen with a 17 point lead over Miller (51-34) and a 20 point margin over Webb (50-20).

A couple of things pop out at me. One is that Miller has closed the gap on Allen and is slightly ahead of Webb in terms of margin. With a little under two months until the primary, both campaigns better compete for their agenda and forget the petty mudslinging. I would like to see a poll between the two Democratic candidates...when will one come out?

The other is that Allen is pretty close to 50% with both candidates. Allen is a popular incumbent who is in a Republican leaning state and he can barely inch over 50% against two relatively unknowns? It's probably due to the fact that being a Republican right now is about as popular as being a Red Sox fan in Yankee stadium. Democrats need to harp on the fact that the REPUBLICANS control the government and that they are doing a piss poor job in running it. That could sink Allen by November.

After the primary, the polling becomes more relevant. Right now, it's good for political geeks and people who like to wear Prada!

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