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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hurst-Longmyer Debate Part 3 with Grades

Raw notes with grades...grades based on substance of points made and confines of debate etiquette


KL- Everybody should be paid a “living wage”. Have to start paying down the debt. Essential for our future economic survival. Rebuttal- Get out of Iraq can save us money. Ran over time by about 25 seconds.

AH- Highest per capita income in the country…where we are failing is the distribution to different class. “We are not lacking money, we are lacking where we put the money”. Every tax break has benefited the rich. They have to be repealed. Rebuttal- “Sky is falling” argument is not going to work. “This is our 1994!” We can do business right!


AH- Same issues that affect immigrants affect us also. No fences…it’s a political sham. Need more border agents. No guest worker program…authentic avenues for immigration. Rebuttal- “This is a crisis by people who have an agenda and their agenda is to divide.”

KL- Guest worker program is not going to work…Germany. Sweden has a situation that works. Bad laws should be changed and made realistic. Combination of many different ideas. McCain-Kennedy bill is the right track. Secure our borders now. Doesn’t dismiss walls. Rebuttal- Improve conditions in other countries. We need to make so the people immigrate want to rather than they need to.


KL- School is not the issue…too punitive.

AH- Vouchers undermine public school system. Magnet schools are excellent ideas that make the system better.


AH- Culture of debt by credit card companies has an adverse affect on our country.

KL- This should not be a congressional issue. Instead it should be a family issue.

Marriage Amendment

KL- Equal rights for all.

AH- For the rights of the people…thinks this issue will backfire on Republicans this year. Very fired up about it…that’s an understatement.

Davis vulnerability

AH- Campaign finance and ethics…epitome of the culture of corruption.

KL- Successful as promoting himself as a moderate but he is more like Tom DeLay. Failure to address our needs.

Closing Statements

KL- Experience…good sense of how Congress works…”it’s not about law but about leadership”…will be a more effective freshman Congressman. This year is our opportunity to elect a Democrat.

AH- Tells a story about how Tom Davis said he can get “$20,000” dollars if he were having lunch with a lobbyist…lost presidential election by .5% lost Congressional by 22%...we need to change that. “I don’t care how much experience you have, you need to have someone who is going to do something different.”

Grade of the debate

KL- Very thoughtful speaker who threw in some slight jabs at Hurst's money sources. Ran over his designated time in many instances...B

AH- Excellent points made on health care and the Iraq War. Made a strong case for himself as a candidate. Needs to work on not making too many's distracting.A-

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