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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hurst-Longmyer Debate Part 2

Same rules as before...raw notes, no edits

Iraq War

Andy Hurst- Leaving timetable in the hands of the generals…we do not belong there and we are doing not much good. If the mission was to get rid of Saddam Hussein, then we’ve done it. “Veteran” says we need 500,000 to build that country. We are not getting it done. We need to get done. Al Qaida breeding ground. Rebuttal- We went to Iraq because people didn’t have backbone when it was needed! People were afraid of losing the possible election.

Ken Longmyer- Talking about who endorses him but is not talking about policy? Opposed Iraq War…need to get out. Just like Bosnia…need to set benchmarks to be determined by experts on the ground. Redeployment is not the way to go. Pressure from Congress but it lacks expertise. Rebuttal- Ran over time again by 20 seconds. Compares Iraq justification to Gulf of Tonkin.

Retired Generals…speaking out

KL- Once you are out of uniform it is your civic duty to criticize if necessary.

AH- Administration has backlashed against the generals. Bush administration uses different devices to hammer political opponents.

Impeach George Bush or investigate

AH- Mixed emotions because of Clinton experience. Tom Davis is head of the government investigation committee. Zero subpoenas have been issued except for Schaivo. People should get up there and fight and not be afraid. Rebuttal- Investigations are essential because Congress has to check the administration.

KL- Investigations are good for education. We should focus on how to stay out of future Iraqs. Does he or does he not want to investigate? Rebuttal- Laws are necessary but it’s about political leadership…best way to deal with it…throw them out.

Health Care

KL- Affordable, accessable, and should provide first class quality health care. Supportive of a national health care system. We would save money because of the duplication and paper work. 28 countries have lower infant mortality than ours.

AH- Deals with Health Care laws as a lawyer. 60% of the people uninsured are employees of small businesses…small subsidy to help health care in those businesses…fraud and abuse is rampant. Not ready to nationalize yet. Massachusetts plan can not be implemented across other states.

Health Care Costs

AH- Medicare Part D…a disgrace of a bill because of special interests, insurance companies, and drug companies…Tom Davis is a part of the problem…get rid of special interests in the process. Rebuttal- Talking about paying lower costs with drug choice.

KL- Any health care policy should focus on preventive care. We can save billions from this system.

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