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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Where was the Webb presence last night????

One thing from last night's Longmyer-Hurst debate that struck me was a lack of presence by James Webb's campaign. There were no bumper stickers, flyers, or sign-up sheets. Harris Miller, on the other hand, at least had a person there to hand out material.

I saw on a couple of comments on this thread at Raising Kaine that has me wondering if this is a systemic problem in NOVA. Why doesn't the Webb campaign have lit at FCDC headquarters? Why was there no one there last night to represent the Webb campaign? There has to be some reasoning behind the decision.

Update: Apparently the Webb campagin and ALL of their materials and personnel are at Shad Planking. I know Shad Planking is a big event but you would think that there is ONE person in NOVA that could have attended the debate and handed out material.

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