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Monday, June 13, 2005

Virginia Primary Predictions

Here are my predictions on the races I care about. I'm not giving any reasons, just predictions (too many things to do before tomorrow).

Republican Governor:

Now this one is no contest but I'll guess the precentage. Kilgore 79 Fitch 21

Republican Lt. Governor

Bill Bolling 52 Sean Connaughton 48

Republican Attorney General

Bob McDonnell 55 Steve Baril 45

Democratic Lt. Governor

Leslie Byrne 31 Chap Peterson 29 Viola Baskerville 21 Phil Puckett 19

House of Delegate Primaries

37th Democratic

Bulova over Oleszek

45th Democratic

Englin defeats the other 5 challengers

33rd Republican*

Joe May over Chris Oprison

35th Republican

Hyland over Robinson

37th Republican

Mason over Kaplan

41st Republican

Golden over Finerfrock

54th Republican*

Orrock over Kenney

67th Republican*

Craddock over Reese

*means anti-tax primary race

In all, I think the anti-tax folks will get 1 out of 6 that they have challenged.

Feel free to make your own predictions.

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