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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Primary Problem?

There are worries across the state about even lower turnout in VA's primary elections this June 14. From the Richmond Times Dispatch

"State law requires that a resident may vote in only one primary election. Because both political parties are holding a primary June 14, voters arriving at polling places will be asked whether they are voting in the Democratic or Republican primary and will be given the requested ballot.
The reluctance of some voters to commit themselves to a particular party -- if only for one day -- may discourage turnout, some election officials fear.
"They should understand that when they participate, they do not belong to a political party," Showalter said."

I personally don't think turnout will be depressed because of party identification. People when they get to the polls will understand that they aren't committing to a party and hell I think that some people will be emboldened by having to declare a party. The only problem I see are people that want to crossover in the 67th and 54th District.

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