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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Living Wages for Utah? Lobbyist donations...

Utah's governor is thinking about boosting the minimum wage and putting forth a "living wage" proposal.

"Huntsman understands that proposals to boost the minimum wage or create a living wage are not generally popular with his fellow Republicans, but he expects the task force to come up with a plan by year's end so he can make a pitch to lawmakers before the 2006 legislative session. "Even though I'm a good Republican, I'm a little concerned that, during the course of 11 years, we've seen no adjustment in the minimum wage," Huntsman said during his monthly KUED TV news conference. "

Lobbyist donations...

Embattled lobbyist Jack Abramoff had his hand in many Congressional cookie jars. His biggest recipient was Sen. Conrad Burns (R-MT) with $136,500. Abramoff has been implicated and linked to House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. Abramoff has also given to both Republicans and Democrats. Could this hurt Burns bid for reelection?

Update: The link for the lobbyist story is in the comments box. The imbedded links are not working right now.

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