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Thursday, June 02, 2005

37th District Primary

From the Washington Post :

"Virginia may be a red state and some Northern Virginia communities may be blue, but in the 37th House District, a suburban mix of Democrats and Republicans just outside the Capital Beltway, the political colors blend into purple.

For years, this area of central Fairfax County and Fairfax City supported GOP candidates in presidential and state elections."

The House of Delegates race in the 37th District is going to turn into a shoot out on both the Republican and Democratic sides. This district is just down the road from me and I've seen a concentrated effort by all four candidates to push as hard as they can before June 14.

"But last November, it went Democratic in the presidential race. In 2001, Democrat J. Chapman Petersen barely upset Republican John H. "Jack" Rust Jr., who had held the House of Delegates seat for a decade. Petersen handily beat Rust in a rematch two years later.

Could the seat be going Democratic? Leaders in both parties say they don't know. But with Petersen bowing out to run for lieutenant governor, the 37th has become one of the state's few wide-open districts and a key test of the GOP's grip on central Fairfax."

Lt. Gov. candidate Chap Peterson really put Democrats in a pickle by running this year and making this seat up for grabs. The Democrats have two decent candidates in David Bulova and Janet Oleszek who are running a clean election against each other as of now.

The Republicans are going to counter with two solid candidates of their own. Former Fairfax City Mayor John Mason and newcomer Jim Kaplan are talking trash to each other. Mason says Kaplan is too "inexperienced". Kaplan points out that Mason has given money to Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine's campaign for Governor. Check them out.

Update: Not Larry Sabato has some insight to the 37th race and where it is leaning right now on the Democratic side. Here is the Republican side.

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