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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Republican Attorney General Race

With under 10 days left until the June 14 primary date, Republican Attorney General Candidates Steve Baril and Bob McDonnell are hitting each other with everything they've got.

McDonnell is calling Baril a "neophyte" that will not be able to effectively work in the Va. State Legislature. Baril sees his inexperience as a positive.

Steve Baril acknowledges that he does not have the experience as a politician that his opponent for the Republican attorney general nomination has, but he sees that as a good thing.

One of the reasons people encouraged him to run, he said, was "the fact that I don't owe anybody anything; I don't have any bad habits."

And, he points out, the last attorney general, Jerry Kilgore, had not held elected office prior to being elected to that post.

Baril is claiming that McDonnell is not running a clean campaign.

McDonnell's campaign says that's nonsense.

McDonnell's campaign staff responded to the accusations by saying he has "followed the letter and spirit of Virginia law" and said Baril was waging "desperate" attacks to save a failing campaign.

The Post had a huge error in their subhead claiming this was a "Lt. Governor" race. I think McDonnell wins this one in a squeaker. McDonnell, being from Hampton Roads, will have a down ticket effect if he is on the ballot in November. Baril, being from Richmond, will not.

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