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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

V is for Vendetta

1.A feud between two families or clans that arises out of a slaying and is perpetuated by retaliatory acts of revenge; a blood feud.

2.A bitter, destructive feud.

I often don't get into pissing contests that occur between Democrats and Republicans because 1) Generally, nothing good comes out of them and 2) Both sides have done it repeatedly.

Which is why I am struck about the news of Mr. Danny Leblanc.

To block Governor's Kaine pick is pretty serious. This sort of thing doesn't occur everyday. In fact, Kaine's father-in-law, in the 70's, was the last Governor to have one of his picks blocked in Virginia. That's a pretty strong precedent that you can pick anyone you want to be in your cabinet if you are governor.

The problem is that a little over a week ago William Leighty said what is known but unspoken about politics. "People use power for leverage to get what they want." Shocker!!!

Republicans seized this opportunity to cast the Governor in a bad light. Leighty apologized for his comments and that's where it should've ended. But no...House Republicans want to flex their muscle to show Gov. Kaine that they are in charge. I say flex.

This little tit for tat is going to backfire in Virginia Republican's faces not necessarily at the voting booth but for this year's ongoing session. The Republicans in the House of Delegates have handed Gov. Kaine and the Democrats a bat and have goaded them to take a swing. If they wanted it, they're going to get it. Kaine now has the proof that the Delegates in Richmond are obstructionists.

No? You don't think so? Let's look at three bits of evidence.

1) Republicans have offered nothing but disdain for Kaine's transportation plan. They should offer opposition. But they don't have any solutions. It's one sleight of hand after another.

"The House has a much smaller plan, which relies on the budget surplus, increased fees on repeat-offender drivers and the creation of revolving loan funds to improve the road system, largely focusing on the most congested areas such as Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads."

House Republicans are not serious about fixing transportation. They want the "Transportation Fairy" to come along and fix everything. That's not going to happen and the citizens of Virginia are not buying it.

2) The House Republicans care more about petty squabbles than actual work. James Dillard was a lawmaker who served with his fellow Republicans for 30 years but they stabbed him in the back. Yes, I know he helped Del. Dave Marsden with support in the recent election but for God's sake...It was a Board of Visitors position at an institution where he would have done some good!

House Republicans are angry. They feel their power slowly slipping. And they are lashing out.

3) This is especially apparent in this latest incident. Mr. LeBlanc would have done his job effectively and there was no reason for him to be blocked except for the Republicans to stick out their chest and pound their fists. Tim Kaine has chosen his cabinet wisely over the last month or two...even including a Republican.

I say lay it on them Gov. Kaine. You've shown you can work with Republicans on some issues. But if they are going to show you a total lack of repect, well give them hell back! That's your job!

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