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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Republicans push for tax INCREASE!

I don't know what to make of this new proposed tax "relief" on gasoline. This proposal is certainly something that I've never thought about. Here's what intrigues me about the proposal:

"Twice a year, motorists could ship off a bundle of receipts and, weeks later, receive a check in the mail representing a rebate of the new gasoline tax. Based on today's gas price, the refund would amount to about 8 cents a gallon.

'No one would have to pay this tax if they didn't want to,' said Sen. Kenneth W. Stolle (R-Virginia Beach), whom colleagues credit with coming up with the idea.

The thought of asking the DMV to manage a program that could involve compiling hundreds of thousands of pieces of paper painstakingly assembled by thousands of drivers had some delegates rolling their eyes."

So let me get this straight. Republicans are raising taxes on the average person but under the guise that you don't have to pay by preying on the fact that people are generally lazy and unorganized. Absolutely brilliant!

But I thought Republicans, in general, were against raising taxes. I know that the rebate is there but if you are going to raise taxes, raise them across the board. Don't sidestep the fact that you as Republicans are raising taxes. Just recognize the fact that it needs to be done for transportation and do it.

I wonder if there will be another Republican bloodbath in 2007 if they increase taxes? As a Democrat in NOVA, I'm all for it!


Here is Reily, Not O'Reilly with his prospective.

"There’s quite a bit of good stuff in the reforms packages here. I’d even be onboard with tolls and user fees (these are very libertarian ideas for funding roads.) Tax increases and a convoluted rebate program for the gas tax, though, are bad ideas."

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