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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy VD!

I hate Valentine's Day. Loathe it. Detest it. I believe it's just another way for Hallmark, Russell Stover, florists and any jewelry store to milk hard earned money from the pocketbooks of consumers especially yours truly.

Look at these damn commercials that are bombarding people! "Eat more chocolate!" "Get her what she's been wanting all year! A diamond tennis bracelet!" "Nothing says 'I love you' like a dozen roses!" To those commercials and the people that produce them, I say, "Screw you!" It's just another way for men to feel worthless if they don't get their women the "perfect gift" and it endorses a level of entitlement and anger if women do not get said gifts.

It's ingrained into our heads at an early age. Remember those valentines that you received almost annually from everyone in the classroom in elementary? Everyone got in on the act. If you didn't give someone a "Transformer" valentine, all hell would break loose. (Personally, I loved the ALF valentine I got in 3rd grade...but that's because to me at age 7 ALF was GOD!) You were taught heartbreak and rejection at the age of six because some booger picking kid forgot to put you on a list to give you a mass produced paper card from some stupid cartoon. Not because they didn't like you but because you WERE SIX YEARS OLD and they probably forgot!!!

Back to today...What if you don't have anybody to love or nobody loves you? That certainly makes the day go by at a crawl. You are being pelted with Valentine images from almost every direction (TV, Radio, Newspapers, stores, restaurants, pop-up ads). All of this adds up to you being a loser because you can't share this "special" day with someone. What's up with that?

It's not that I do not like love or find the concept of love repulsive. I just find the idea that we have to concentrate all of this energy into one friggin' day idiotic at best insanely mean spirited at worst.

Why can't we spread the love to all 365 days of the year? Do you honestly think that by providing a box of chocolates to the one you love one day a year is really showing them you love them and that you care? Why not do good deeds every day for them? I'm not talking about buying anything...but just doing deeds.

For instance, everyday that my girlfriend works, I pack her lunch. It makes her morning easier and less stressful. I'm not saying it's the greatest thing in the world to most people but to her it counts.

How about actually fulfilling promises that you make? Cook dinner when he/she's not expecting it? Why not actually invest time in her life by making a concerted effort to talk to him/her? Don't worry about buying items that will eventually be eaten, forgotten or dead. Superficial gifts last only as long as their useful...good deeds last a lot longer.

Don't let this soft ending fool you. I'm still pissed at the system. Everyone have a safe VD!

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