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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I love

I love Site Meter. I wanted to see how many hits I was actually receiving. I found out that it wasn't much. I mean what can I expect. I post pretty irregularly.

Not that I mind. I understand the necessity of not clicking on a blog that doesn't update much but I just wanted to see where most of my hits come from. Not surprisingly, most of my hits come from Too Conservative which I believe is one of four blogs that link to me. That's awesome!

But my second most clicked on link was for people googling Tom Joad. I've even made it to the fourteenth link piggybacking on the name of a famous literary character.

By the way if you don't know anything about Tom Joad, click here and read the book. The song that Springsteen wrote has also given me a lot of curious passerbys.

Now something I thought was curious was a search on yahoo for "canada sex clubs" brings up my website on the second mention. Unfortunately for the person that clicked this. Ha...I laugh.

Just thought I'd share...oh yeah by the way. There was a whole blow up about links and how to rank them on blogs. Whatever. Rank them, sort them, put them on anyway you want. I put my links on because I'm too lazy to type out the blogs that I read on a consistent basis and they're more for my mojo than anyone else's...peace.

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