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Monday, July 11, 2005

Volunteering today!

Took some time to do some data entry for a local delegate campaign today. I do not want to reveal who it is yet but they have a very good strategy for getting people to vote for their candidate and people to volunteer for them.

Just a note to some other campaigns that might look at this post...I'm a teacher that is off for the summer. I am a former Canvass Director. I've been a Field Director for three campaigns...Call me if you have my number. If you don't have my number, email me at and we can talk. Otherwise, I will continue to work for the candidate that I put some time in today and actually made an effort to get me in there.

If you want to help make change, you have to jump in the mix. If you're a Democrat, Republican, Green, or Libertarian, take some time to put your elbow grease on a campaign. I can't say it enough but a little time on your part can bring votes to get your candidate elected or your initiative passed. Nothing changes unless YOU make it happen!

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