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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Campaign kickoff!!!

I might be a day late and a buck short on this one but here is a compact list of blogs done on Tim Kaine's blow up. You can find the links at Waldo, VaConservative,Raising Kaine, and Commonsense.

There are positives and negatives to this story.

We are only four months from the election and Kaine is down 6-10 points. It's time to shake things up. If this is the quality of help that we are getting within the campaign with "seasoned staff", then it's time for another "Campaign Kickoff"! This is not the time in a campaign to forget signs to bring to an event. If we do not have enough organization to do that, then we should save the money we are going to spend for the rest of the campaign because IT WON'T MATTER!!!

The good news is that the incompetence was found maybe in time to save face and make it a competitive and perhaps a race that can be won. There are still people out there who know what to do that can take over and replace the people that Waldo calls "resume padding monkeys."

The bad news IS that we are only four months out and this type of slip ups might have already defined the campaign. The polls since March have been trending in reverse. From this to this. In all of the polls I've seen Kaine cracks 40% once.

Editorial: I'm optimistic that Kaine can turn it around. If he makes good on this and takes off some of the deadweight, the better for his campaign. The clock is ticking. If something isn't done today, we will be saying "Hello, Gov. Kilgore" in January.

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