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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Debate!! Debate!! Debate!!!

There will be debates that much can be said. The only problem is Independent candidate Russ Potts will not be included.

Why won't Jerry Kilgore debate Potts? Why is so afraid to take on multiple candidates? Kaine has accepted, I believe, all invitations that have been given to him. Kaine should ask that they all include Potts.

The argument has been put forth that Potts does not deserve a spot in the debates because he is not "big enough". It's irresponsible in a democracy to say that just because someone is a minority candidate that they should be not allowed to debate. It's not like we're talking about someone who is a "crackpot". This man is a four term State Senator that represents a fairly conservative area of the state (Winchester). To say that he's only polling at 5% is dishonest because it's a Catch-22. He can't gain any real "credibility or traction" without debating and he can't get into a debate without "credibility or traction".

I guess it's the fear of the Ross Perot factor. Give people a choice and sometimes they will go with the third candidate especially after they see them debate and don't find the Democrat or the Republican all that palatable.

Russ Potts should be allowed to debate. End of story.

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