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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Updated: My Final Four! Quick overview!

I've made my picks in Not Larry Sabato's Yahoo Group. I've had good luck in tournament pools. I've won 6 pools in total (since 1998). My most recent wins (2004) were in the same year with different picks for the final four but with the same champion. I fell to the West Virginia bug last year and they clipped one side of my bracket. I expect to back in top form this year.

Final Four projections:

2 #1 seeds Connecticut, Duke
1 #2 seed UCLA
1 #4 seed Boston College

Also, I predict two 5-12 upsets (Texas A&M, Utah State) and no seeds 13 and below are going to win. The only scares will be Pacific-Boston College and Xavier-Gonzaga.

I have a few upsets in the 6-11 (3- S. Illinois, San Diego St., Wis-Mil) and 7-10 (2- Alabama, NC St.) matchups...A number #1 seed WILL go down in the second round (Memphis). Two to three #2 seeds will go down in the second round (Texas, Ohio St., Tennessee).

Update #1:

Good news- I still have my Final Four intact. I was right about the 7-10 matchups. The #2 seeds went down except for Texas.

Bad news- I was off on my prediction of Utah State and no 13 seeds or below winning a game (1 made it to the Sweet 16). I was also wrong about a #1 going down also and my 6-11 picks were a debacle.

Somehow I've managed to stay near the top in the NLS pool. If I thread the needle, I can still win it all.

Go Mason!

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