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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Shell games and tax increases!

This article from the Washington Post makes me believe that the reason why Republicans in the House of Delegates will not pass a tax increase for transportation, is that they know that localities will pass tax increases for them.

It's a shell game. The Republicans in the House think that their anti-tax credentials are a good policy in the long run. But instead of making a tough vote like some Republican Delegates did in 2004, these Republicans would rather someone else make the tough decisions for them at the local level.

That's irresponsible politics. They hide in their shell waiting for someone else to do the dirty work. They then pop their head out when session is over, go back to their districts and say "All is well. I did not raise taxes on you." If you are not going to make the right decisions for the state of Virginia and your district in terms of transportation, then lets find someone else who will stick their necks out and will vote for a small tax increase. If this tax increase is not passed, we'll continue this cycle of inaction and passing the buck to localities for years to come.

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