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Monday, March 13, 2006

It's limbo time! How low can Bush go?

From CNN: The bar just keeps getting lower!

You would need to either be a great contortionist or one of the worst presidents in history to get under this bar. I think Bush still has a way to go. Let's look at the trend:

12/08/05- 43 approve 52 disapprove -9

01/12/06- 43 approve 53 disapprove -10

02/12/06- 39 approve 56 disapprove -17

03/12/06- 36 approve 60 disapprove -24

That's one hell of a swoon in 3 months. Democrats have to use this to their advantage. The narrative has to be that Bush and in turn Congressional and Senate Republicans are out of touch with what America wants. For the love of all that's holy, whoever makes it out of the primary between James Webb and Harris Miller needs to stamp this on Allen's chest like a scarlet letter! Bush is the key to victory against Republicans nationally this year.

Update: I promise I didn't steal the headline from Waldo.

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