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Friday, March 10, 2006

On Harris Miller...and in turn James Webb.

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I've been standing on the sidelines watching this Democratic primary develop over the past month and the sniping from both sides that has followed. I do not understand the fascination about sending a Democratic candidate against strong Republicans for the sake of appeasing the God of Principles! Some Democrats are trying to torpedo James Webb because get ready for it..."He was a Republican". Oh the HORROR!!!

Look, from what I've read about Mr. Webb he's pro-choice, digs civil unions, and is anti-war. What more can we want in a candidate during a time when the Iraq war can be placed around the necks of people (re: George Allen) who voted for it? Webb satisfies a lot of my requirements for being a good candidate.

Now Mr. Miller is a fine person. He stepped up to bat when nobody else did. But from what I hear he's pro-death penalty, doesn't have a definite position on the Iraq War (re: uncertain how to spin his support), and is a lobbyist. Now I generally have nothing against lobbyists. But in a year where the whole world is falling around the lobbyist likes of Jack Abramoff, do you really want one to be your Senate candidate? Talk about not very smart politics.

Just a question Miller supporters: What is so scary about James Webb that you would risk the opportunity to gain a Senate seat so you can feel better about yourself?

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