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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Miller and Webb Website Review

From Alice Marshall:

Harris Miller has a new blog up on his website. I like the overall design of the blog and that it allows for commentary (although you have to sign anonymous posts here). It's a decent way to put some issues out there that are on the periphery. I noticed Mr. Miller himself has not "blogged" (a short one...I know he is busy). I think that would be interesting if he did although it might just be satisfying the "blogophiles" out here.

James Webb does not have a blog up on his site and I don't know if that's necessarily good or bad. What I don't like right now from both candidates are the lack of issues and their positions on them. Mr. Miller has an "agenda" but it really doesn't say much.

Mr. Webb has his "four themes" but doesn't go into great detail. His website does give a well written biography about the candidate if you're interested in reading it. But that's basically meat (re: issues) yet.

They both ask for money:

Mr. Miller has an interesting "for every two dollars you donate, I donate one" deal going. That's one way to self-finance your campaign. (Between you and me though, if it came down to brass tacks, I think Mr. Miller would drop as much money as he could afford into the campaign."

Mr. Webb has a simple "contribute" page but if you click the banner below, you get a much snazzier donation page. Hint to Webb campaign...use this one.

I'm done with the critique of both are the grades. (As a teacher, you are taught that you must have some sort of way to measure progress.)

Miller: "B+" needs issues...but the blog helps and I like the fundraising idea of 2-1 matching funds.

Webb: "B-" needs issues and has to have better press coverage...fundraising page should be about the 3wks/$300,000 right now!

That was fun being a Monday Morning Quarterback!

I will update these grades in the future...

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