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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Update: Junior leaving DEI


Dale Earnhardt Jr. is leaving the racing team that his father founded to race on his own. He will take Martin Truex Jr. with him. Apparently, Dale Jr. has cut a deal with Hendrick Motorsports to use their engines. If that's true, any driver not in a Chevy is in a world of hurt. Dale Jr. will still win a championship or two but he wasn't going to do it at DEI. This will breathe new life into his career.

This will absolutely devastate DEI. It might not be to function as a raceteam unless they can get someone better than Paul Menard. It will go from a middle tier race team to the bottom in a hurry. Someone at DEI fumbled the ball big time.

Could this be the new way to circumvent NASCAR's new policy on multi-car raceteams? Use someone else's technology? Maybe.


Article on Dale Jr.'s press conference.

Commentary on Dale Jr.'s decision and Teresa Earnhardt's fumble.

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