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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

VEA-PAC releases endorsements

The VEA-PAC (Virginia Education Association) recently released it's endorsements for the 2007 election season:


1- Marty Williams (R)
2- Ken Stolle (R)
9- Donald McEachin (D)
22- Brandon Bell (R)
24- Emmett Hanger (R)
32- Janet Howell (D)
33- Mark Herring (D)
34- Jeannemarie Devolites-Davis (R)
35- Dick Saslaw (D)

House of Delegates:

3- Daniel Bowling (D)
13- Bruce Roemmelt (D)
32- David Poisson (D)
35- Steve Shannon (D)
36- Ken Plum (D)
37- David Bulova (D)
39- Vivian Watts (D)
40- Tim Hugo (R)
41- Dave Marsden (D)
43- Mark Sickles (D)
44- Kris Amundson (D)
45- David Englin (D)
53- Jim Scott (D)
67- Chuck Caputo (D)
68- Katherine Waddell (I)
95- Mamye Bacote (D)

Each of these candidates are defenders of public education. With a good mix of Democrats and Republicans, it's easy to see that VEA-PAC is "issue driven and party blind". These candidates have made important decisions to stop attacks on public education such as vouchers and undermining our retirement benefits. They have helped secure millions in school funding to keep our school systems viable.

Some people might be surprised at some of the names on this list such as Sen. Devolites-Davis and Del. Hugo. Sen. Davis has a near flawless record on issues that VEA feels are important to its interests. Del. Hugo was instrumental in defeating legislation that was going to allow vouchers to creep into our education system. He even went as far as going to a committee to stop vouchers when he was fighting off the flu.

I'm glad to see Del. Shannon, my delegate, on the list. I wish I could say the same for Sen. Ken Cuccinelli. I guess VEA-PAC will have to remind him in November that his constituents want a solid public education system!

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