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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Maybe Riley is right...

Righteous Riley might have a point on his post "A Creature of the Left?".

"So, all you liberal elitists and sanctimonious Europeans so ready to criticize Virginia and the U.S., take a long hard look at the drivel you’re spewing out into these young minds and see what it ultimately results in."

Well I don't know if I'm a "liberal elitist" but I'm sure that I've been taught by and listened to the positions of some of them. I'm sure I've viewed a speech or two by a "sanctimonious European". I encourage everyone who might have been privy to such education, speeches, or knowledge to immediately turn yourself in to the police. See we can't be trusted with our liberal philosophy in this society. We all just might be murderers inside because we "preach class envy and distrust of religion". Thank you for the public service you have done Mr. Riley. You are a true American!

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