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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Bye Bayh! Obama is the man!

Evan Bayh decides not to run in 2008.

"The main reason for Bayh's decision was a belief that his chances of winning the Democratic nomination in a field likely to include such political heavyweights as Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) and Barack Obama (Ill.) were not high enough to justify the commitment of time and manpower over the next two years.

"The odds were always going to be very long for a relatively unknown candidate like myself, a little bit like David and Goliath," Bayh said in his statement. "This path -- and these long odds -- would have required me to be essentially absent from the Senate for the next year instead of working to help the people of my state and the nation." Bayh's decision to bow out of the race was first reported by The Indianapolis Star."

About a year ago, it was all about Clinton. She had the money stockpile, name recognition, and the possibility of being the first woman president. Nobody was talking about Obama. But Obama has to know he's getting some legitimacy now when Republican pundits and reporters trying to stop the snowball from turning into an avalanche by making fun of his name.

Obama has only four years in the Senate which is a bonus considering the attack ads that would come from twisting his votes. He can save the Democratic Party a lot of stress by eliminating some of the weaker riff raff (I'm looking at you Tom Vilsack. Dennis Kucinich you can stay for sticking it out in 2004) and saving us some money in the primary to fight in the general election. I whole heartedly support Barack Obama!

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