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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

ESPN weighs in on racial slurs

Usually is full of just sports scores and inane commentary but they shocked the hell out of me with a surprisingly insightful article on atheletes and the "n-word". The article has this quote which makes a lot of sense to me:

"But while [Jesse] Jackson is on his current crusade for equality, may I suggest he make a couple of stops into the locker room? Rappers and actors come and go. But athletes? They are forever. They visit our schools, do community service in our neighborhoods, live in our hearts. If they can get people to shave their heads, buy a pair of shoes, or consider wearing a pair of tights, they can change people's attitudes toward the n-word."

I have to agree with the author that athletes do have more of a responsibility whether they like it or not of being vocal about racism in this country. It's difficult for the "n-word" to go away when it is celebrated by some in music, film, and comedy. In the interest of lessening the tension of race in our society, black athletes and entertainers have the onus of striking down the "n-word". That might not amount to more endorsements or "street cred" but what it will do is allow the scab of the "n-word" to finally heal.

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