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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Go Chantilly!

The Chantilly Chargers will be making their first state semi-final football appearence in 10 years on Saturday, Dec. 2 when they take on Varina. The game will be at 4 p.m. at Chantilly.

The Chargers made a late fourth quarter comeback last week against the #3 Washington Post ranked Westfield Bulldogs 26-21. Chantilly's starting quarterback, Nate Worek, will not be playing this week because of a concussion he received during the Westfield game. The good news is that he will make a full recovery. The Chargers have capable back-up Austin Decker to lead the squad. After taking over in the first quarter against a stout Westfield defense, I have no worries that Austin will continue his fine play.

Chantilly's rise is a true comeback story. The team was 0-10 in the 2004 season and improved to 4-6 in 2005. Coach Mike Lalli, a former Notre Dame player, is truly getting the most out of his squad this year. Good luck Chantilly...and if you're in the NOVA area, come on out and watch!

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