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Monday, November 06, 2006

It's not like Iran is trying to build nukes...

Republicans, running this election on the premise that they are better on national security, have given up classified nuclear documents and put them on the Internets for everyone to see.

"The U.S. government has shut down a Web site it set up in March containing documents captured during the Iraq war after experts raised concerns it offered a guide to building an atom bomb, the New York Times reported.
The New York Times said the documents provided information on building nuclear firing circuits and triggering explosives as the radioactive cores of atom bombs

According to the Times, conservative politicians and publications hoped analysis of the some 48,000 boxes of documents seized in the Iraq invasion would reinvigorate the search for proof Saddam had unconventional arms programs."

Read that last paragraph again. This administration and the Congressional Republicans sold our safety and security out so they could cover their ass on the reason why we went to Iraq. I cannot believe the hubris of these idiots! They couldn't accept the fact that they were wrong on the WMD theory of invasion. Plain and simple. When Democrats get into power, I hope they take a look into this matter.

Thank God we only have one more day of this stupidity. Vote on Tuesday to elect Democrats who will restore some sanity back on Capitol Hill.

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