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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

McCain blunders...again...

What Commander in Chief threshold did he pass? It's never good when a presidential candidate who proclaims to be an expert in foreign policy, doesn't know who the actual leader is in Iran. This is the country that McCain is using as a bogeyman against Barack Obama. It would be prudent for McCain to know who pulls the strings.

McCain is a dangerous individual for this country. He obviously doesn't know what he is talking about on Iran. He doesn't know what is happening in Iraq in terms of security. He doesn't know who we are fighting in Iraq and confuses Sunnis and Shi'as. He likes to joke and makes a parody song about bombing Iran.

No matter who you are for in this Democratic Primary, don't forget who the real enemy is. Democrats must protect this country from McCain's lunacy. This man is the embodiment of four more years in a Bush Administration.

Hat tip from MissVa on MyDD.

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