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Thursday, February 14, 2008

John McCain wins GOP nomination...

The collective screams you hear are eminating from the Shenadoah Valley...

With Mitt Romney's endorsement of presidential hopeful John McCain today, Romney has unofficially given McCain the keys to the Republican nomination.

Mike Huckabee's best hopes were for a Romney endorsement to further fracture the base and give him momentum into Washington and Wisconsin next week. Unfortunately for Huckabee, the states that are left will not give him enough delegates to compete past March 4th when Texas and Ohio will put the nails in his coffin.

McCain will now busy himself with stabbing party loyalists in the back by going back to his "moderate" persona for the general campaign. After all the gnashing of teeth over the past year, will those who are Republican party purists go back and begrudgingly pull the lever (or tap the screen) for McCain? Probably not. I expect a few posts soon about how loyal Republicans need to line up behind their nominee "for the country's sake".

Have fun swallowing your pride!

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