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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hey it's only 523 days to the Democratic Primary...

in 2009. Even though we have more pressing concerns in 2008 like a chance to have two Democratic Senators, two-three more Democratic Representatives, and a Democratic President, I think it's a great idea to have a pissing contest over a primary that's still a year and a half away. It's good to take a page from the playbook of destructive politics by attacking your opponent when they have yet to declare and create a non-controversy controversy. Want to make yourself feel better about your candidate? Create what looks like a swarm of support from 15 people in Virginia in 2007 for a race in 2009.

Thanks to the past couple of weeks of over the top non-sense, I have been able to make my decision for 2009 so I can concentrate on 2008.

I would also like to take this occasion to announce my candidacy for the 2033 Gubinatorial Race. I figure this way I can start fundraising early and get my Facebook support down...Well I better get going it's only 9,289 days away until primary day!!!

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