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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

24th District: Kicking them when they're down...

The 24th Senate District Primary between Emmett Hanger and Scott Sayre was interesting from an outside perspective. There was an incumbent who voted for higher taxes, an energetic challenge from the right, and a cadre of bloggers and Republican committee members who fervently backed Sayre. In the end, Hanger hangs on to his seat for now and Sayre supporters are left scratching their heads. What happens next?

Well we could do this and kick the SWAC coalition when they're down. Some say that with their nutty antics and "get under your skin" mentality that this is their comeuppance. Fine so be it.

But I know from personal experience what it feels to stick your mind, body and soul into a campaign to only have it evaporate in one night. Granted, I've never done it while pissing off the establishment but I know what it feels to leave everything on the table and lose. Myron put it best on his blog. Our patriots in the Revolution had to put their heads on the chopping block for this nation. The SWAC coalition did the same thing...only less in the degree of magnitude.

I don't know what will happen with the SWAC bloggers and committee members now that they've backed themselves into a corner. Frankly, it doesn't concern me. I know that kicking them while they are down is not cool...I won't do it.

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