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Thursday, February 07, 2008

What side of the Connolly Coin do I want?

Heads- Gerry Connolly as Fairfax Chairman

Tails- Gerry Connolly as Congressman

It's agonizing. On one hand, he's let me down as Chairman a couple of times. Once, with the property tax decrease while times were good. Thus leaving us with the current Fairfax County budget crisis. The other time was with the rail to Tysons and not sticking up for the underground option. Would Connolly leaving his post as Chair be better for the county? Who would replace him? Why put us in this situation when the whole time Congress was on the mind?

As a Congressman, would he truly represent my values in Washington? Would he give in to the corporate greed and lobbyists that run amok? Could I count on him to be a voice of change instead of the status quo?

I truly do not know. But I don't like the idea of leaving a job that you haven't finished. To me, it's cutting and running from a situation that has left us hamstrung budget wise, our public schools in limbo, and transportation that leaves us sitting in our cars asking these questions.

So what is it? Connolly at the local level? Or national?

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