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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gilmore's $50,000 loan to himself...

In another sign of a desparate campaign trying to stay afloat, former governor and former Republican candidate for president Jim Gilmore gave his bid for the U.S. Senate $50,000.

Gilmore is trying to iceskate uphill against former governor Mark Warner. Warner is not only extremely popular but has about 4.4 million dollars in the bank.

The race is often touted as the easiest pickup in the Senate for the Democratic Party this year. It's a race so toxic that the RNC won't touch it with a ten foot pole. Gilmore expects funding to pick up once he's the official nominee but why would anyone give to him or any Republican this year? Why chase good money after bad? John Sidney McCain isn't able to raise money at the clip that Republican presidential candidates have in the past. If he's not getting money, why would Gilmore get it?

Democrats in Virginia this year are poised to pick up 2-3 congressionnal seats, another senate seat, and contribute to winning the Electoral College for President. It's looking like a BEAUTIFUL year!

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