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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

On getting the shaft: Housing edition

I live in a 750 sq. ft., one bedroom apartment in Fairfax County. The amenities haven't become any better over my three year stay. In fact, you can argue that they have progressively become worse. The maintenance is spotty at best. "Oh we'll get to that leak in a couple of days."

The management has had more turnover than a pastry shop. It's as if this is a single A baseball team that corporate uses to farm associates for the better apartment complexes they own.

They had a huge issue with trash this year that would about gag a maggot. It was to the point where I called the Vice President of the company in Houston, TX.

It's six miles away from Metro and in the center of one of the biggest screw ups in traffic history: I-66.

YET THEY FEEL THE NEED TO JACK UP MY RENT 13 F'ING PERCENT!!!! This was after last year's increase of 15% until I told them that they needed to reduce it. They came down to eight percent. Screw this...there's no way in hell I'm paying close to $1,400 dollars for a one bedroom apartment. Is there anything that Fairfax County can do to stop the gouging that is occurring on an ever increasing basis?'s nice of Fairfax County Public Schools to give teachers and other employees a COLA of 2%. That really helps us out when we're getting jacked for another 10-15% on housing. And FCPS wonders why it loses their 1-5 years experienced teachers to Loudoun and Montgomery County...

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