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Sunday, March 18, 2007

I want to take my keyboard and smash it...

like an eight-year-old child!

Has anyone taken a step back to read the stupid shit that people have been writing from all sides over the last month? The amount of vapid, inconsequential screeds that have been written has increased by ten fold! Enough to make Britney shave her head and enter into rehab.

News flash...this just in: Just because you have a blog does not make you a good writer or an important person!* Be honest with yourself. This is more about being able to vent and fry the other side so you can feel better about yourself. Am I right? Please tell me I'm right. Because if I'm not, then a lot of you are just wasting your time that would be better spent eating packets of ketchup while watching "Small Wonder" repeats.

We've got bitching here and whining there. We've got pissing contests streaming out of control in all corners of the state. One person feels dissed here. Another feels that blogrolls are as sanctified as the Bible and should not be touched in any way, shape, or form. Others carry out personal vendettas, call people names or don't place the "ic" at the end of Democrat when using the name as an adjective. While others feel they are high and mighty enough that they should referee the situation.

I've been reading these blogs for a good portion of two years. I have no clue about the older bloggers and their ways of carrying on with each other before then. I'm sure, though, that there couldn't have been this much venom flowing through the VA blog arteries. It seems like they were a little more congenial to each other and didn't attack each other with the same ferocity.

Where ever life leads me, I know it's not down the route of blogging. I will continue to post but sporadically. There are still some blogs that I read and I will still post responses (generally they stay above the fray).

Have fun smacking the crap out of each other**.

*The five people reading this post...thank you.

**I wrote this post about two weeks ago and held off posting because I wanted to see if it would still ring true. It does. So I posted it.

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